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Our Kaupapa

Behind the Scenes

Aroha (Compassion) – Our actions are guided by compassion and respect recognizing that all people bring strengths to the challenges they face

Ngātahitanga (Collaboration) – We work together with the people and organizations we serve, our colleagues and our communities

Kairangi me te Auahatanga (Excellence and Innovation) – We provide exceptional service, proactively identify emerging needs, and seek creative solutions to address them

Angatonú (Integrity) – Our actions match our words and we are accountable for them

Tika pāpori (Social equity) – We commit to creating safe, just and inclusive environments free from violence, neglect, prejudice and discrimination

Our History

Te Ahi Kaa started in the small rural community of Kennedys Bay in 1994 with in a whanau that dreamed of a better time. In 1995 the first scheme that was developed by the organisation was a training and life skills approach. Reaching success for several years it allowed Te Ahi Kaa to develop and build a very strong structure for a relocation to the nearest town ship of Coromandel. With the structure of the organisation as it was Te Ahi Kaa developed into a Social Services Centre providing accessible services to anyone in need, being adaptable and flexible to the needs of the community, and providing highly skilled services to individuals, couples and Whanau.

Forest Trees

To Tatou Ropu

Our Group 

Te Ahi Kaa is a Whanau Based Maori Organisation that believe that the key to success is within our own, by being the last standing Kaupapa Maori service in the upper coromandel area we are ready for all challenges ahead. We currently have a dedicated team made up of our Executive board members and staff. that understand the dynamics of Whanau and Tikanga

Erica Burke 

Executive Member / Whenua Investigator

Mereana Reedy 

Executive Member 

Marianne Hale

Member/ Kaiawhina/ Whanau Navagator

Wikepa Maika

Kaiako/ Ngati Porou Reo Champion 

Diane Tuari 

Executive Member 

Daniel Benson 

Executive Member 

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