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Doing What’s Needed

The Maori models of Whanau Ora, describes the different aspects of waiora (wellbeing). The models focus on whanau strengths and abilities and utilizes these to make changes in their life. One of the key features of this model is to protect individuals and whanau independence and ability to make choices. Giving Whanau a sense of control enables the Whanau to deal with challenges in life and allows them to address their needs through developing and enhancing their own strengths and abilities. This gives them the skills to be more resilient in times of adversity and to cope with what they find difficult or challenging. This model emphasizes the quality and importance of the relationship between Te Ahi Kaa and the whanau being supported. Te Ahi Kaa utilize this model with the following aspects of Waiora

  • Wairuatanga (spirituality).

  • Hinengaro (mental wellbeing).

  • Taha tinana (physical wellbeing).

  • Whanaungatanga (extended Whanau).

  • Whatumanawa (emotions).

  • Mauri (life force).

  • Mana ake (unique identity).

  • Hā a koro ma, a kui ma (inherited strengths).

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